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Wheat fiber

 Wheat fiber


VITACEL® wheat fiber is a white, (fine)-fibered dietary fiber concentrate which is made from the wheat plant using a special production process. As an insoluble dietary fiber with a total dietary fiber content of up to 97%, VITACEL® wheat fiber combines nutritional-physiological advantages (such as dietary fiber enrichment, fat reduction, calorific value reduction, etc.) with the technological advantages (such as texture improvement, control of moisture migration, reduced weight loss, etc.) in a perfect way.

Due to its neutral and inert character as well as the different, available fiber lengths between 30 and 500µm, VITACEL® wheat fiber can be used universally in practically any area of the food industry and this, without sensory interference.

VITACEL® wheat fiber is gluten-free, phytic acid-free and, of course, GMO-free.
Extremely low pesticide and bioburden (cfu) values, which are far below the legally prescribed minimum values, guarantee high product safety and a longer shelf-life of 5 years when stored under dry conditions.

ECARF Siegel

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has awarded VITACEL Wheat Fibre, a concentrated dietary fibre, the "Seal of Quality" for allergy-friendly products and services because its is gluten-free, phytin-free.


More informations www.ecarf.org


VITACEL® wheat fiber is a food which can be added to all other foods, provided that no other special instructions have to be observed due to the composition of these foods.

We recommend a declaration as wheat fiber or wheat plant fiber.


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VITACEL(R) Wheat Fibre awarded the ECARF Seal of Quality

for allergy-friendly products and services because its is gluten-free, phytin-free and does not contain genetically modified organism.


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