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Broiler fattening test

Broiler fattening test

Summary of the test results

Application of VITACEL® R 200 in broiler feed

Broiler fattening test

Praxis results of a Dutch broiler fattening company

Test description

The investigation was made under practical conditions in a Dutch broiler fattening company. The entire stable with 30,600 animals was fed feed having VITACEL® R 200. The fattening period was 43 days.
Feeding took place in 4 phases with a starter, two different fattening mixtures as well as one finisher. In the last feeding phase, 1/3 of the feed ration was supplied with unmilled wheat.
In the pelletized feed 0.4 % VITACEL® R 200 was included during all 4 feed phases. The results obtained in this feeding test were compared to the ones the farmer had obtained in the last 9 runs in the same stable. with same genetics but without VITACEL® R 200.

Leistungsparameter in der Übersicht



1st run using

0.4% VITACEL® R 200

Average result

in the last 9 runs

Number of animals



Fattening period

43,13 Tage

43,10 Tage

Fattening end-weight/animal

2174 g

2077 g

Daily weight gain

50,39 g

48,18 g

Animal weight/m2 stable area

50,1 kg

45,4 kg

Feed conversion up to

1500 g live weight


1 : 1,451


1 : 1,525

Feed conversion during entire

fattening time(kg gain/kg feed)






2,16 %

3,65 %



The average early performance was already on a high level. The application of 0.4% of VITACEL® R 200 resulted in a higher performance compared to the average, but also compared to the highest performance of all single runs. Furthermore the group fed VITACEL® R 200 was fed in the transition season from end of October till beginning of December. This means in a time when it is usually very difficult to increase results due to the strongly varying climatic conditions. It should be taken into consideration that the test group was not fed animal proteins or animal fat. VITACEL® R 200 showed outstanding performance.



Discussion of the results

Through the addition of VITACEL® R 200, the stable climate was essentially improved. Clearly less ammonia content was detectable in the stable air. Thus the litter remained drier when VITACEL® R 200 was added to the feed.

Through the higher daily weight gain of those animals fed with VITACEL® R 200, a higher end-weight of 97 grams/animal could be achieved in the same fattening time. At the same time the feed conversion was improved by approx. 3.5 % (3.5 % less feed to produce 1 kg broiler) when VITACEL® R 200 was added. Due to the higher end-weight of the birds, a higher animal weight per m2 stable area was achieved. This resulted in a reduction of the fixed costs per broiler. The higher daily weight gain as well as the better feed conversion were achieved by a better utilization of the nutrients. Reason for the better digestibility of nutrients is the stimulation of villi by the pure insoluble VITACEL® R 200 which leads to higher activity especially of exoenzymes. At the same time VITACEL® builds a fiber network in the food mash creating a larger surface in the food mash so that enzymes and microorganisms can penetrate the food much better.

By the addition of VITACEL® R 200, the mortality decreased on average from 3.65 to 2.16 %. The decrease in mortality can be explained by the better stability of the animals. VITACEL® R 200 leads to more disease-resistant and less stress-susceptible animals due to the lower ammonia content in the stable air. when using VITACEL® R 200, respiratory illnesses are reduced resulting in healthier animals. VITACEL® R 200 contributes to an enormous decrease in mortality especially toward the end of the fattening period when the loss of individual animals causes substantial financial damage .

The bedding quality also improves substantially through the use of VITACEL® R 200 since the poultry excrement shows a drier consistency. For this reason less ammonia evaporates from the bedding. The lower ammonia content in the stable air however is not only achieved by the better bedding quality, but also by the better utilization of protein from the feed. More nitrogen is metabolized and therefore less of it is available to form ammonia.



Financial calculation of VITACEL® R 200 in Broiler fattening

A financial comparison of the VITACEL® R 200 run against the standard results was carried out.


The following parameters used for the fattening period were the basis:


Sold animal (numbers):

Sales weight (kg): 65.078
Feed consumption 110,49 to
Profit/kg broiler (live weight): 0,73 EURO
Feed price/to excluding VITACEL: 214,00 EURO
Feed price/to including VITACEL: 220,86 EURO
VITACEL® price/kg:  2,50 EURO


Additionally 30 % wheat was fed on the average. Thus the actual VITACEL R 200 dosage amounts to approx. 0.3 %. This leads to feed costs of 220.86 euros/to.

The improvement in the individual performance measurements leads to the following profitability in relation to the results achieved so far.


Around 3.5 %* less feed consumption:
Standard feed consumption: 112,777 to
VITACEL® Feed consumption: 110,499 to
Difference: 2,278 to
2,278 to feed x 214.00 euros =
* 3.5 % less feed to produce 1 kg broiler

487,49 EURO

Decrease in mortality over 1.49 %:
456 broilers x 1.087* kg = 495.67 kg

live weight x 0.73 euros =
* 1.087 kg is the half of the end weight of 2.174 kg

361,84 EURO

Increased weight gain of around 97 g/animal:
2904.08 kg x 0.73 euros =

2119.98 euros - 1069.56 euros for feed =

1050,42 EURO

Profit through the use of VITACEL® R 200:

1899,75 EURO

Costs of VITACEL® R 200:

110.49 to feed x 6.86 euros/kg

757,97 EURO

Net profit through the use of VITACEL® R 200:

1141,78 EURO



Parameters such as

  • using less medication treatment

  • flock stability

  • less ammonia

  • drier litter

  • better meat quality

  • higher percentage of lean meat (more breast and leg meat)

were not taken into consideration and are further arguments for using VITACEL® R 200 in the standard feed.





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