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ARBOCEL® the high efficient, mykotoxin-free raw fibre concentrate for sows

ARBOCEL® Rohfaserkonzentrat für die Sauenfütterung, arbocell, abrocel, abrocell

ARBOCEL® effects:

  • Enormous saturation effect
  • Quiet animals => improved fertility
  • Mycotoxin binding in combination with mycotoxin-free Lignocellulose
  • Optimized faeces consistency and intesin peristalsis
  • Prevents constipation
  • Better digestibility of nutrients
  • Higher water uptake
  • Better milk production
  • Reduced MMA risk
  • Faster farrowing duration
  • More weaned piglets/sow and year
=> higher profitabillity in piglet production

Application in

  • gestating sows
  • lactating sows
ARBOCEL® works like this (Flash Animation - Flash Player needed)

More informations:

ARBOCEL® Lignocellulose Raw Fibre Concentrate


Lignocellulose Raw Fibre Concentrat

Download Pdf (365 Kb)

Arbocel Rohfaserkonzentrat - Hitzestress

ARBOCEL® Rohfaserkonzentrat

(German Language)

Download Pdf-Flyer (ca. 300 kb)


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Eurotier Fair 2012 in Hanover:

High Tech Rawfibre Concentrate for Animal Feed


EuroTier 2014

11 - 14th November 2014, Messe Hanover, Germany


NEW - ARBOCEL® ACG Complementary feeding stuff

for regulation and support on the function of the gastro - intestinal tract.


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