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The Successful Ecological Cat Litter Program

Cat's Best Naturally - just like cats like it

Ecological cat litter with a successful marketing concept

Join us on the path to success: The CAT'S BEST ecological cat litter line is growing at a remarkable rate - grow with us!


The deliberate choice of ecologically orientated products based on organic fiber to compete with mineral-based litters ensures you an ever increasing market share in the specialized area of pet care and its environmentally conscious consumers.


The outstanding technological properties e.g. Odour-binding, absorption, ease of disposal guarantee a loyal and satisfied customer base who will gladly recommend our product further. Among the experts, our CAT'S BEST product program has met with excellent response and recognition.

All products are made exclusively of organic fiber from specially chosen, untreated domestic fir and spruce timber. When necessary, functional additives which are without exception made from natural products, are added (for example, as a functional agent in the clumping litter).


The resulting advantage for disposal?
CAT'S BEST is compostable and 100 % biodegradable.

And CAT'S BEST eco cat litter is much lighter and softer than mineral products.

Catsbest Ökoplus

CAT'S BEST's premium product:: The only clump-forming and biodegradable eco cat litter available on the market.

Catsbest Universal

The universal hygienic litter for cats, rodents and many bird species.
Naturally odour-binding with good absorption.



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CAT'S BEST homepage:


The organic fibers make it happen:

can be disposed of trouble-free in your toilet

Basically CAT'S BEST cat litter products can be disposed of trouble-free in your toilet (in contrast to bentonite or other mineral-based cat litters).
Please check your local disposal regulations.


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... ÖKOTEST, a testing foundation recommends CAT'S BEST ÖkoPlus

Our product CAT'S BEST ÖkoPlus was evaluated and has been placed in the top group with a "recommended" label.

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