Rosenberg Works Information for Freight Forwarders

Covid19 info for visitors JRS Holzmühle

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please note: From 24.11.2021, entry to the premises of the JRS Holzmühle plant may only take place with a valid 3-G certificate.

The corresponding proof must be carried and will be checked at the entrances to the JRS premises. Admission without certificate is no longer possible from this point on!

The verifications will not be recorded or documented in any other way with regard to data protection.

We ask for your understanding and ask you to inform your employees and subcontractors of this order.

The following information is intended to ensure orderly, efficient delivery and collection of goods and raw materials to and from the wood mill at the Rosenberg works. 

To ensure smooth delivery we require the following documents:  

  • Valid driver’s licence 
  • Vehicle documents  
  • Order Number / Trip Number  
  • The registration numbers of the tractor unit, semi-trailer and/or trailer 
  • Confirmation of client liability as per Sect. 13 German Minimum Wage Act (Mindestlohngesetz) 

Two gates are available for deliveries and collections of goods to and from the Rosenberg works. The order / order confirmation usually states which gate you must use. By way of assistance, the following is a brief overview of which gate is responsible for which goods: 

Gate 1:  

Delivery of  

  • Wood shavings  
  • Logs 
  • Goods for the Plant Technology department  
  • Goods for the Marketing Services department 
  • Parcel services  

For more information, opening hours, location sketches and forms see the Gate 1 section.  

Gate 2:   

Delivery and collection of  

  • Raw materials with the exception of wood and wood shavings 
  • Delivery of all goods (palleted goods, big bag, containers, silo trucks) 

For more information, opening hours, location sketches and forms see the Gate 2 section. 

Notes on African Swine Fever

Notes on African Swine Fever


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