Heavy Duty Surfaces

Heavy Duty Surfaces - The Arguments for SMA 

EAPA Position Paper, Edition 2018

Rosenberg, January 2019

Dear JRS partners & colleagues, 

you all know the EAPA publication “Heavy Duty Surfaces - The Arguments for SMA” which was published back in 1998. Due to our efforts in the TC of EAPA (technical committee) and the support of Egbert Beuving and Dr. Carsten Karcher, we convinced the members to work on an updated version of that outstanding and unique publication. Thanks to your support we were able – and here our special thanks go to Bernd Abele who did most of the work – to present the 2018 version during the SMA Conference in November in Atlanta GA / USA to all the participants.  

You will find a lot of useful information about SMA around the globe - showing that the SMA concept works in all climates and under different local conditions successfully. Latest developments like SMA BC (for binder courses) and SMA plus (noise reducing SMA) are also included. This updated version is meant to be presented to all decision makers mainly in the administration who need to know the advantages and benefits of SMA and to all others who are interested in long lasting and excellent performing asphalt concepts. 

It is available online on the EAPA website under: www.eapa.org

Heavy Duty Surfaces - The Arguments for SMA – one of the best publications for SMA ever – now up to date. 


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